Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you on Facebook?
A: No. However, you can find me on LinkedIn and XING, and maybe one fine day we’ll even meet face to face.

Q: You are serving quite a few branches. Do you have good contacts in all of them?
A: My background is mainly publishing, education and electronics, so these are the branches I have a strong network in. In Germany, being a so-called low-context-culture, you do not necessarily need to know lots of people (although it for sure helps!). It is more important you can do good research on the clients’ potential needs and to find a decent and convincing way to initially approach them. And you should know German…

Q: But you always have to start from scratch, right?
A: Yes. In talking about business, I just love starting all over again and again and meeting new people. I have great routine with helping new projects grow and find it very exciting.

Q: Are you working on your own?
A: Basically yes. Still I have a strong network of business associates who complement my competencies. They are specialists in the fields of event management, business plan writing, setting up legal entities, PR, graphic design etc.


One thought

  1. Hi Andra , nice to be connected. I am keen to keep in touch with you re the business development in Germany which used to be my 2nd home. I used to work for German companies, worked – lived in Germany ( funny enough – ended up in Bielefeld which is called not to exists – but I am in love with that place yet )…..
    my email : / .
    I had established my own business in Bangladesh lately , would love to expand to Germany, do more education etc. Lets keep in touch .
    best regards from Bangladesh / Maher

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