Andra Riemhofer

Business Consultant Andra Riemhofer
Andra Riemhofer

My very hands-on approach might be quite exceptional, but at the same time, I am somewhat average in terms of who you most likely (statistically) would be dealing with, when trying to develop your business in Germany:

I was born in the 1970s, and after completing school at the age of 18 years, I first opted for a Duale Berufsausbildung (Dual Vocational Education and Training), becoming a Management Assistant in Publishing. A few years later, I studied business administration, and this is when I, for the first time, went abroad and had the opportunity to realize that what people in Germany (or at least members of the mainstream society) consider as “normal” does not apply everywhere else, at least not in India.

I did survive the culture shock, and the interest in digging deeper into the topic of (inter-)cultural differences eventually led me to enrol in a master’s program in Intercultural Communications and Cooperation a few years later.

Today, I am assisting foreign (i.e., non-German) companies in developing business in Germany and help them avoid or overcome the pitfalls one typically could or would fall into when dealing with Germans for the very first time.

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Herr Müller and Andra Riemhofer

I am eager to learn and to explore new opportunities. What is the latest thing? In January 2020 I invented Dr. Müller & Kollegen. Never heard about Dr. Müller & Kollegen? “We are the brainchild of a German business consultant helping international companies do business with Germans. Having said that, we are meant to be a somewhat typical German company seeking to entertain and illustrate the German way of doing things.”

Besides my work, I love reading and writing books, watching movies, going to the Biergarten and practicing yoga. And no, you wouldn’t find me on Facebook (FAQs).

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