Dr. Müller gearing up for his next Trade Show Visit

Trade events Germany

While I am happy to hear that trade shows are supposed to be allowed to take place (again) in many places in Germany soon, apart from some very vague information about security measures – well, good to know there will be hand sanitisers all over the place(s) – I couldn’t find much information about what trade fairs might look like in the future for both exhibitors and visitors. For example, will there be certain time slots for a limited number of visitors? Can we navigate through the halls as we please, or is it more in single file (Gänsemarsch) like we used to do as kids in a class outing (Wandertag)? Will exhibitors be allowed to treat us with food and drinks and distribute giveaways? And how can I connect with others without my big smile?

No matter what – I am always happy to help you make the best of the opportunity. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Best Regards, Andra

Monday Morning at Dr. Müller & Kollegen

Dr. Müller & Kollegen by Andra Riemhofer are wishing you all a good start to the new week. Herr Müller basically is my alter ego, but there’s also a bit of Frau Meyer (rather pessimistic, always ready to criticize), Social Media Manager Lena (guess that’s obvious) and Frau Dipl.-Ing. Naomi Schmidt (more pragmatic and always looking on the bright side of life) in me. Except for the ice-cream, I have basically been through all stages – as described in my comic – the last couple of days. Still thankful to sit in a cozy flat with full fridge and meaningful work to do.

Please all take good care (also, of each other!).