Special Offer Summer 2017

Whenever international companies try to research German buyers, they – according to my experience – are facing some or all of the below problems:

  1. People doing the research do not know the language, hence key words / the German translation of key words very often do not match their (intended) criteria.
  2. Foreigners are very often not aware of regional differences (e.g. what is the infrastructure, where are industry hubs…), and therefore decide to only research by metro, what will not bring sufficiently good results.
  3. Buying addresses from specialized brokers is tremendously expensive, and very often the offered search criteria are too superficial.
  4. If you hire somebody to do the research, you never know in advance how many contacts you will get / what is the quality of the results.

Looking at these problems, I have developed the following offer:

  • You send me a brief description of your business model and target group (incl. key words you would use in English) plus 3 – 4 references (names of companies that match your criteria).
  • For a lump sum / retainer of Euro 250/- (to be paid in advance, no deduction of bank charges, taxes or other fees accepted), I am going to spend at least 1/2 day on researching relevant companies in Germany.
  • The results are compiled and presented to you in an Excel-File (Company Name, ZIP-code, City, Telephone No., URL).
  • Depending on how happy you are with / how useful you find the results, you grant a bonus (e.g. Euro 150/-), and we can always also discuss how you could approach the identified accounts.
If you like the offer, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon (first come, first served): andra[at]andra-ibf.com