Müller soon will get his first jab

Beginning of last year, I came up with my comic hero Herr Dr. Müller from Dr. Müller & Kollegen. The idea was to give a light-hearted view on “the average German guy” in an “average German office”. That was shortly before the new virus started the pandemic.
I find coming up with new stories increasingly difficult – not because I don’t have any topics or scenarios that I find worth exploring, but because of a feeling that our worlds are increasingly drifting apart and what bugs me cannot be boiled down to six panels. Also, I cannot tell what is “normal” or “average” anymore. I live in my small cosy bubble, many of my friends live in a different bubble, my clients and students I see in Zoom- and MS Teams calls (if at all), and having a proper conversation becomes more and more difficult.
Well, some of you tell me that you miss Herr Dr. Müller, and so do I. So, for the sake of keeping him alive and maybe put a little smile on a few faces, I came up with this little story about fear and motivation.
Take good care and keep in touch, Andra Riemhofer.