Müller schaut Tatort

I just counted: In my book “Doing Business in Germany” (2019) I mentioned the German crime series TATORT three times. I am not a big fan anymore, but like my comic hero Herr Dr. Müller until some years ago I wouldn’t even answer the phone when it rang on a Sunday evening (more precisely my friends knew better than to call me).

If you just moved to Germany, then give the show a try. Every state and bigger city has its own team of investigators, so apart from learning the language you can get an idea about regional differences and the respective “slang”. There is also an Austrian and a Swiss team.

Or even better – try grab a copy of my book :-) From what I know it’s basically available in all parts of the world.

Dr. Müller & Kollegen #Germany #culture #comics

(1) Sunday evening around eight. The doorbell is ringing.
(2) Who the hell…?!
(3) The police… “Dürfen wir kurz reinkommen?” (“May we come in for a minute?”)
(4) They wish to know where Herr Dr. Müller has been last Sunday around the same time. “Wo waren Sie letzten Sonntag zwischen 20:15 und 21:45 Uhr?” (Where were you last Sunday between 8:15 and 9:45 pm?)
(5) Stupid question!
(6) Dammit! Because of them Müller missed the first minutes of Tatort.