Müller meets Lindbergh

When I quite recently started out drawing cartoons, a friend of mine – a graphic designer and artist – said to me: “A lot of people can draw but don’t have any stories to tell. With you, it’s just the opposite!” She finds my comic character Herr Dr. Müller, the “typical German office guy”, quite charming and told me to please never try draw more realistically. I should rather try retaining my child-like “Picasso-style”, she said.

Well, so far, I found my friend’s advice very convenient, and of course my artistic capabilities have grown a bit with gaining more practice; but now I feel I wanna be a bit more of a “pro” and to learn how to better translate my ideas into “proper” drawings.

I am very excited to share that I just signed up for my first drawing lesson on spatial drawing and that I am even flirting with the idea of enrolling in a 1-year course “Basic studies in classical drawing and painting”.

It’s never too late to learn something new, is it?