Müller in Paris

Last week, I went on my first business trip after almost 1.5 years. Like me, my comic hero Herr Dr. Müller, “the typical German office guy”, hasn’t travelled anywhere during the pandemic. Now, finally, I got some inspiration for a new cross-cultural story to tell – Dr. Müller visiting France :-)

I thank everybody at my business partner’s office in Paris for the warm welcome, the great discussions and the time spent together. It was a real pleasure meeting you in real-life and hope to meet again soon!

And here’s the story:

(1) June 2021. Herr Dr. Müller is getting ready for his first business trip in more than a year.
(2) As always, he wants to be well prepared. High time to brush up on his French and to tune in on the French culture.
(3) Très bien – everything is going as planned.
(4) Next morning. Müller realizes he hasn’t planned any time for the small talk.
(5) Three hours later.
(6) Not too bad. Müller likes the French way of doing business.