Müller im Museum

Typical German Herr Dr. Müller from Dr. Müller & Kollegen visiting the Louvre (“The fire extinguisher is due for inspection”).

Okay, maybe I am not at 100% a stereotypical German, as I have not checked whether the depicted paintings are all in fact displayed in the Louvre or – as I would suppose – can be found in other museums around the world. But, as a “typical German” I probably would also tend to pay (too) much attention to unnecessary details. I might not find it odd or impolite to point out any flaws I (think I) notice. That’s a (“German”) trait not only the French might sometimes struggle with.

So, when pitching or presenting to Germans, you might wanna keep that in mind. Do not rely on “us” just enjoying the experience or take away only what is really necessary :-)