Dr. Müller Comic about Comic

Last week I met with the lady who helped me give birth to my brainchild Herr Müller from Dr. Müller & Kollegen. The artist Sabine Lemke is amazed with the “success story” of Herr Müller; how popular he’s become over the past couple of months, and how I use the comics to talk about my core topics. Plus – as a by-product – increase my followership on LinkedIn. During our walk through the rain cum business discussion we came up with the idea of helping small businesses talk about their topics = draw business comics. We discussed that we could conduct workshops (even online) to help people come up with *their* particular stories and put them on paper – so they can use them for PR and educating their clients.

What do you think? Is that an idea we should further develop? Does that sound like something people would be ready to invest time and money in? Would you sell such workshops as marketing services or consulting or even team development? Sabine and I would be happy to hear your thoughts!