Martina Maciejewski

Martina Maciejewski : Founder & Owner of Your Success in India
Martina Maciejewski
Founder & Owner of Your Success in India
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I met Martina in the summer of 2013. My lawyer enthusiastically kept on telling me about his other client who also owns a business that is somehow related to India. I told him “enough—now please let us talk about my business. Give her my contact info and if she agrees to meet me, I can form my own opinion of her”.

Martina granted me a one-hour-fast-food-lunch-audience in a shopping mall very close to her former employer, Messe München, and… it “clicked”. After 25 minutes of sitting on a stone bench in unbearable summer heat, we agreed that I would help her with a project she was about to sign.

At a very short notice we did set up a study-programme along with company visits and intercultural training for a group of MBA-students from Bangalore. Martina would take care of some of the things she is really good at, like Event- and Project-Management, helping others to understand and appreciate the Bavarian Culture and—in this case together with her friend Hanna Meiners—, guiding a group of twelve young people. I was the “bad guy,” drafting the curriculum and organizing the academic training.

Study Programme 2013
Study Programme 2013
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Martina launched her business in 2012. She is focussing on German companies who need to explore and try to set foot into the Indian market. Martina is helping me when I need market information about certain segments or when I have questions on how to approach trade-fair-business in India. Whenever I receive an inquiry related to managing events, I seek her advice.

I am currently helping Martina promoting her Die Bayern Botschafterin-Programme which is a very special event-format with a regional touch that reaches out to international customers like conference organizers or companies who conduct international sales-meetings.



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