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Hami Hadizad, Wise Business Group
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I met Hami in Cologne. Friday, February 14th, 2014 to be specific. Hami had approached me beginning of the same year through LinkedIn, telling me he wanted to discuss business opportunities. I told him that I first wanted to get to know him in person, suggesting that I come to his hometown, where he – this is what I told him – had to invite me for dinner. This was my plan: If I did not like what he was going to tell me during dinner, I would back out and spend the next day sightseeing. Well, fortunately, I really liked him and his business plan, so now we are good friends and I am part of the virtual team of his enterprise Wise Business Group. I am glad I still got to see the famous Cathedral!

Hami’s full name is Ali (Hamoon) Hadizadeh. Hami is his business nick-name, but this is another story. Hami has a BSc. in Industrial Engineering with the major of Industrial Production (IUST Iran) and MSc. in Industrial Economics (Linkoping University, Sweden).

Over the years, Hami has built up a good knowledge in logistics, business development, and marketing. Currently he and his core-team are mostly doing business development services, business plan development, market research, supplier sourcing, company formation and to a limited extend operation management. The immigration service they are offering is a combination of all the above-mentioned services, and in addition to that, the follow-ups with IHK (chamber of commerce) and Ausländeramt (alien department). I complement the team offering hands-on business-development-services and intercultural training on How to do Business with Germans.

Hami was born in Iran and lived there till he was 22 years old. He then moved to Sweden to study and work. After some time, Hami moved to Germany to pursue his career in the Business Development Industry and eventually starting his own company.

What impresses me most about him and his work is that apart from the fact that he learned and experienced professionally many things about Business Development in Germany through working with his network-colleagues, he is also a business immigrant. With this, he has personally been through the whole ups and downs of business immigration, and he can share his personal experiences with his international clients as well.

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