Dr. Silke Järvenpää

Dr. Silke Järvenpää is a full professor of Cultural Studies and Business English at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.
Dr. Silke Järvenpää
Private Photograph

Dr. Silke Järvenpää is a full professor of Cultural Studies and Business English at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. One of her areas of research and teaching is English-speaking Asia (her roughly ten-year working experience abroad – mostly in Asia –  has been of help here), but she also is interested in Intercultural Language Learning (IcLL), as well as Surveillance Studies. Her PhD thesis Myths of Speculation focused on the “South Sea Bubble”, a historical stock market crash (and swindle). She still finds it hard to believe that this book was apparently somewhat of a hit among the management at Lehman Brothers.

I met Silke some time beginning of 2012, when I attended her course Interkulturelle Landesstudien: Theorie und Praxis (Cultural Studies) at Munich University of Applied Sciences. I liked her style of lecturing so much, the following semester I enrolled for Booming Regions: The Indian Subcontinent, although I must have thought there is not much I can learn about India any more. You never stop learning…

Silke agreed to mentor me when writing my Master’s Thesis on the topic of Interculturality in Children’s and Young Adult Literature in Germany. She is one of the most challenging professionals I ever met: What would have lived up to my humble standards definitely would have resulted in maybe just another meaningless study, now collecting dust in a University Library. With many rounds of trying to answer Silke’s critical questions and receiving her most valuable feedback, the thesis is now published and already recognized to some extent in the academic world.

But that’s not all: Now Silke and I are blending our expertise in the fields of Cultural Studies and Publishing, and putting together our experiences plus network in India, authoring a series of books about doing business in the various Indian regions.

Learn more about the first volume we are working on: Doing Business in (and around) Delhi (working title).

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