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ANDRA : July 2015

Intercultural Learning and Language Learning: Best-Practice @ Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany

By Prof. Dr. Silke Järvenpää, Munich University of Applied Sciences

The manuscript comprises of about 5,000 words. Language: English.
Citation etc. can be adapted to the publisher’s standards.


Taking Kramsch’s by now classic statement as a starting point

Every time we speak we perform a cultural act,

it may be wise for an academic institution not to outhouse its language programmes, but instead to firmly establish them within a department. It may also make sense to embed them in frameworks with quality assurance (such as UNIcert) that help learners develop competencies that are beyond those that commercial programmes or stand-alone courses may hope to train. It is then possible to offer modules that are informed by theories of intercultural language learning; e.g. by Finkbeiner’s ABC model, Byram’s questions of identity, or Liddicoat’s postulates for language policy.

Hochschule München
Press Photograph © Sabine Decker

Taking the Hochschule München (Munich University of Applied Sciences) as a best-practice example from Germany, the article focuses on how intercultural learning and language learning can be made inseparable on the institutional and programmatic levels, on how teaching supports the programmatic level—through course structures, materials and didactic strategies (take, e.g., intercultural role-play or context-oriented text production). In short: here is what might it look like when Byram’s or Liddicoat’s theories are applied to course planning and teaching?

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Dr. Silke Järvenpää is a full professor of Cultural Studies and Business English at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. One of her areas of research and teaching is English-speaking Asia (her roughly ten-year working experience abroad – mostly in Asia –  has been of help here), but she also is interested in Intercultural Language Learning (IcLL), as well as Surveillance Studies. Her PhD thesis Myths of Speculation focused on the “South Sea Bubble”, a historical stock market crash (and swindle). She still finds it hard to believe that this book was apparently somewhat of a hit among the management at Lehman Brothers.

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