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Sponsored Content : February 2016

Sundar Maruthu
Private Photograph

Thanjavur, India: Medlar Publishing Solutions leads the nation’s publishing industry in producing tailor-made results for clients. We also serve an international customer base. Our staff have nearly 25 years of experience between them; and we are pioneers in utilizing online resources for our business partners. Individuals in our team originally trained in publishing niche trades such as production; proof reading; quality assurance; marketing; sales and technical support. Read more…

Sponsored Content : November 2015

Language Services Bureau – Ihr vertrauenswürdiger Partner für Übersetzungsdienste

Devaki Kunte Head of Operations Private Photograph
Devaki Kunte
Private Photograph

Pune, Indien: Heutzutage greifen Unternehmen häufig auf kostenfreie maschinelle Übersetzungen (Machine Translation / MT) zurück, um ihre Dokumente in eine andere Sprache zu übertragen. Diese Unternehmen sind sich zumeist nicht der Risiken bewusst, die eine solche Handlungsweise für den Datenschutz und den Schutz des geistigen Eigentums bedeutet. Unser Languages Service Bureau behandelt Ihre Ideen, Konzepte und Daten mit größter Sorgfalt. Mehr dazu….

Sponsored Content : September 2015

Meet Thomson Digital, a Pioneer in providing Solutions for the global Publishing Community

TD LogoNoida, India: Thomson Digital has been an established publishing service company for 46 years, serving the best names in the international Publishing market. We are happy to meet you at the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair, 14th–18th October, 2015. Read more…

ANDRA : July 2015

Article to offer for Journal Publisher: Byram’s or Liddicoat’s Theories applied to Course Planning and Teaching

HM Press Photograph
© Sabine Decker

Munich, Germany: Taking the Hochschule München (Munich University of Applied Sciences) as a best-practice example from Germany, the article focuses on how intercultural learning and language learning can be made inseparable on the institutional and programmatic levels, on how read more… (Link removed, since publisher has been found, and article will be published soon. Thank you for your understanding.)

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