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Sponsored Content : November 2015

Language Services Bureau – Your trustworthy Partner for Translation Services

Devaki Kunte Head of Operations Private Photograph
Devaki Kunte
Private Photograph

Pune, India: Companies use free Machine translation (MT) very often to translate their documents nowadays. These companies seem to not be aware of the risk they are taking when it comes to confidentiality and intellectual property. At Languages Service Bureau, good care is taken of your ideas, concepts and data. Read more…

ANDRA : August 2015

Your Success in India – Martina Maciejewskis Webinare für Ihren Erfolg in Indien

Martina Maciejewski : Founder & Owner of Your Success in India
Martina Maciejewski
Private Photograph

Munich, Germany: Sie planen eine Geschäftsreise nach Indien, beschäftigen sich mit dem Potential Ihres Unternehmens innerhalb dieses Wachstumsmarktes oder denken über einen Einstieg in den indischen Markt nach? Erwerben Sie die ideale Grundlage für Ihr Vorhaben bei unseren Veranstaltungen und profitieren Sie von unseren Webinaren. Read more…


Andra Riemhofer - Intercultural Business FacilitationThank you for visiting! 
Would you also like to benefit from advertising on a rapidly growing platform, and explore international business opportunities?
Please get in touch: marketplace[at]
Kindest Regards, Andra Riemhofer

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