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Raminder Soin, Chairman & Managing Director
Raminder Soin
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Raminder Soin, Chairman & Managing Director:

Raminder, an engineering alumnus and MBA, is the Founding Managing Director of the Company. He has an excellent 15 year track record; his entrepreneurial journey started in 1998 when he founded Ramnish Electronics. The success and service capability of Ramnish attracted Celestica, a global EMS giant, and was subsequently acquired by the latter in 2004.

In 2009, Raminder structured the buyback of the company and has since lead its transformation. Raminder received the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award in 2005 from the Hyderabad Management Association for his outstanding contribution to the areas of Electronics & Entrepreneurship in South India.

Why German Companies should work with us

We are an Indian company with a Global DNA. We employ global systems and processes in our functioning. Our operational philosophy is based on the principles of Lean, Six Sigma & Kaizen. With SAP as our IT backbone and a 24×7 KPI and CFT culture, we build in transparency and accountability into the system.

Manufacture in India : Sponsored Profile

Resolute Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Raminder Singh Soin founded Ramnish Electronics Private Limited in 1998 providing services in Contract Manufacturing to OEM’s.

Ramnish Electronics grew over a period of time and by 2005, it had become an established name in the Contract Manufacturing Industry.

In 2005, Celestica Inc a leader in Electronic Manufacturing Services (with 8.5 billion USD turnover and 40,000 employees in 39 centers world over) based out of Canada, portrayed interest in setting up an EMS Centre in India to cater to the needs of its European customers from India. Celestica, Inc was impressed with the potential of Raminish Electronics Private Limited and acquired it in 2005 and continued to operate with Mr. Raminder Singh Soin as its CEO for the Indian operations.

Celestica invested over US$ 20 Million towards expansion of capabilities, capacity and facilities. By virtue of this expansion, erstwhile Ramnish Electronics received a state of art Facility, latest Plant & Machinery, Highly Skilled Work Force & Industry Leading Best Practices.

Under the leadership of Mr. Raminder Singh Soin, Celestica achieved its objective of creating a world class manufacturing facility in India.

However, in 2008, due to the global economic recession world over, Celestica strategically decided to Divest in India and concentrated on its high volume centers based in Europe and other parts of the world. Based on its decision to Divest in India, Celestica offered a 100% Equity Buy Back to Mr. Raminder Singh Soin.

Accordingly, Mr Raminder Singh Soin accepted Celestica’s offer and reacquired 100% Equity. The reacquired entity was then christened to QUAD Electronic Solutions Private Limited in 2009 and later as ‘Resolute Electronics Pvt Ltd’ in 2014 with the following vision “We at RESOLUTE aspire to lead the domains of business and technology by being the most preferred partners of choice globally”.

Since then, RESOLUTE has lived up to its brand promise as the processes; people & machinery remain the same.

Incorporating well established global processes to facilitate product life cycle management, RESOLUTE aims to partner globally to deliver end-to-end solutions across the domains of design, manufacturing, fulfillment & aftermarket services.

By employing global processes of system integration, warehousing, inventory management, logistics & fulfillment support, RESOLUTE swiftly executes product manufacturing from Prototyping to NPI’s (New Product Introduction) and mass manufacturing.

Resolute Electronics
Resolute Electronics

Spread over 70,000 sq. ft., (Floor Space) and extendable to another 100,000 sq. ft at the Industrial Estate, Medchal, RR Dist., Hyderabad, the facility is equipped with top-of-the-line SMT lines, radial & axial machines, latest test equipment’s and BGA rework stations.

To help the customers sustain their edge in a fiercely competitive market, RESOLUTE provides variety of products and services such as:

  • Design analysis for manufacturing & testing
  • Proto, NPI (New Product Introduction) & mass manufacturing
  • Component & Finished product Traceability
  • Printed circuit assembly and test
  • Systems assembly and test
  • Complex systems integration

RESOLUTE’s capability to offer end-to-end solutions in electronics enables RESOLUTE to collaborate at every level and ensure timely delivery in various domains of services offered.

Resolute Electronics
Resolute Electronics

In the recent years, Industry verticals such as Telecom, Networking and Peripherals have witnessed tremendous growth resulting in a highly competitive business environment. Communication companies operating in these verticals in the wireless, wired line and enterprise markets need a flexible, trusted partner like RESOLUTE.

RESOLUTE provides integrated capabilities that span across the product lifecycle – right from RF design to complex wireless manufacturing or comprehensive test development to providing comprehensive forward and reverse logistics solutions through its fulfillment vertical. RESOLUTE operates a network of 2 sites in Hyderabad, India RESOLUTE’s experience in this business is over 15 years and RESOLUTE’s family has grown from 50 to more than 500 people in 2014-15.

Resolute Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India12-50/4/A, Next to Industrial Estate, Medchal, R.R. District, Hyderabad, Telangana – 501401

Contact Person:
Gurbax Soni, Phone: +919000933155, Email:,

Founding year: 1998
Number of employees: 520

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