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Jochen Mueller Dr. Wiesner Test & Automation India
Jochen Mueller
(Private Photograph)

Mr Jochen Mueller GM INDIA:
More than 35 years of Experience in building SPM, written book on Guidelines of Leak testing, personally built nearly 1000 machines.

Why German Companies should work with us

With State of the Art Manufacturing Facility and strong committed team Our Focus is to provide truly world-class solutions for Assembly automation, Testing machines, Jigs and Fixture with top- class Service of course at Indian cost.


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Dr. Wiesner Test & Automation Pvt Ltd

Dr. Wiesner Test & Automation Pvt Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the German leading name in test and automation technologies, Dr. Wiesner Steuerungstechnik, Situated in industrial hub of Germany Stuttgart with over 5 decades of market presence and in process inventing lot of   technologies. We cater to many requirements of the customer in various industrial sectors with our range of products in field of leak, flow, functional & assembly automation. We have a strong, committed sales, design, assembly, installation, service team here in Germany with over 40 years of personnel experience and combined company experience of over 500 years. Our customers are spread across globe from a simple Tier 3 customer to customers like Airbus, BMW, Mercedes, and Boeing state our credibility. Our presence in China, Mexico and now in India makes us truly global…

Dr Wiesner Test & Automation Pvt Ltd Team

Photo: Dr. Wiesner Test & Automation Pvt Ltd

We are in India with our complete range of products, services, and of course German experience, situated strategically at India’s Machine tool hub Bangalore. With our Indian operation we focus to provide a truly world class products with top class service backup and of course at Indian cost.


Dr Wiesner Test und Automation India LogoDr. Wiesner Test & Automation Pvt Ltd
# 147, 6th Main, 3rd Cross, Industrial Suburb, 2nd Stage,
Yeshwantpur Industrial Layout, Tumkur Road, Bangalore – 560022.
Phone: +91 80- 2837 6865, Fax: +91 80-2837 6866
Email: sales@drwiesner.in | Web: www.drwiesner.in

Founding year: 2011
Number of employees: 80

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