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Key Executive

Hashim TK Bluewave Infotech Chennai
Hashim TK
(Private Photograph)

Mr. Hashim TK, Co-founder:
Over 20 years in Electronics Industry. Extensive experience in all aspects of electronic product design, production and sales. Wide experience in Hardware design, Firmware development, Software, Production, packaging, Sourcing and Project management.


Telephone: +91 44 64501188

Why German Companies should work with us

German machine, auto equipment and other manufactures could utilize our design services for designing/upgrading their electronic, monitoring, control and computing devices.

German manufacturers can outsource our manufacturing/marketing services for lowering cost and for entering Indian market.

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Bluewave Infotech

Bluewave Infotech is a group of professionals with passion to innovate. Our team has extensive experience in embedded systems design, Application software development, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, certification and all aspects of product development. We have excellent track record in providing design services for onshore and offshore customers with high level of consistency and flexibility.

We also have a strong factory team with experience in Procurement, manufacturing, Testing, Quality control and Packaging. We have an extensive network of fabricators for sourcing enclosures and other mechanical parts.

Bluewave Infotech

We offer products and design services in the following domain.

  • Electrical power/Energy measurement, control and conversion.
  • Solar power measurement, conversion (MPPT/Inverter) Products.
  • Wire/Wireless monitoring and control.
  • Battery operated low power devices.
  • Process control and automation products.
  • Test automation for Industry.
  • Multi-platform Application Software Development.



  • Microcontroller/microprocessor based designs.
  • Electrical power measurement, control and conversion.
  • Wireless (Maxstream/DIGI etc), Bluetoooth, GPS, GPRS WiFi, SD, Interface design.
  • RS232/I2C/USB/CAN/TCP-IP/LCD interface design.
  • Extensive experience with EDA tools and Simulation.
  • PCB layout, Routing, fabrication, prototyping, board bring up and testing services.


  • Firmware development in assembly, C and C++.
  • Extensive experience in ARM(ST),Microchip (PIC,dspic), Intel80xx, Renesas, Motorola68xxx, Atmel, and TI(MSP430,Piccolo) micro controllers.
  • Developed most optimized code for demanding applications including real time DSP.


  • PC/Raspberry/Android based application development in VB, VC++ C++,C, QT, C# and Java.
  • Extensive experience in developing PC interface software for electronic devices using Rs232, USB, Wireless communication with or without database support.
  • Configuration management, Firmware update and related device management software development.

Some of our Projects



Servo Three Phase Front Side <br> Photo: Bluewave Infotech Chennai
Servo Three Phase Front Side
Photo: Bluewave Infotech
  • 3 phase servo control cards with best in class correction speed, TRMS voltage, current, power, and energy measurement.
  • MCU based MPPT Charge controller with power and energy measurement.
  • UPS monitor for monitoring electrical parameters of UPS systems.
  • Solar sine/square wave selectable inverter with mains charger.
  • Optimized Charger for Wind Energy with Maximum Power tracker. This would efficiently optimize battery charging current under varying wind speeds.
  • Two way energy meter for solar generator with monthly energy data.
  • Energy monitor/control system.
  • Prepaid energy supply.
  • Tank level control with motor protection(Over current/Voltage).


  • Process Control system for Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Process Control system for Dairy (Milk production).
  • Process control system for Nano Tech industry (Nano Fiber manufacturing)
  • Tank level indicator/control with capacitive sensor.
  • GSM based monitoring & control.


  • Long range point to point wireless system for process automation.
  • Battery operated medical monitoring device.


Computerized test jig to measure and validate all relevant product parameters for the following products.

  • Servo (3 phase or single phase servo controllers).
  • Transformers.
  • Assembled PCB with analogue and digital input/output and wireless capability.


  • Interface software for Garage equipment.
  • Meter studio for power/energy meter configuration.
  • Raspberry Pi based GUI terminal Using QT .


Bluewave Infotech ChennaiBluewave Infotech
49, Thirumalai Nagar, Kuntrathur
Chennai 600069 India


Founding year: 2008
Number of employees: 12

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