Manufacture in India–the Faces behind

“Manufacture in India–the Faces behind” (to be published October 29th, 2015) is an initiative to promote Indian manufacturers in the fields of electronics and industrial automation, and to introduce them to an international audience. From my background, I am a publishing professional with a history and network in the fields of electronics, industrial automation and engineering. I am helping international companies to understand the German market and to develop their business internationally, i.e. in Germany. Since I have family in India and have visited on a regular basis for many years now, most of my clients come from India.

What really bothers me is that–at least this is what I perceive–“Make in India” was for a very short while noticed by the German trade press before and during the Hannover Messe in April 2015. But not that much has happened since then (looking at media coverage), and for many German companies the slogan still does not really mean anything. In my humble opinion, Indian manufacturers do not receive the attention they deserve, and business opportunities are often not transparent for German investors and decision makers.

I would like to do my share to help promote “Make in India”. Looking at the upcoming relevant industry fairs in Germany and India (productronica Munich, SPS/IPC/Drives Nurnberg and World of Industry, New Delhi), I am preparing an article on “Manufacture in India – the Faces behind”. This article will be prominently visible on the front page of ANDRA for 6 months until the next Hannover Messe (April 2016) is over. Later on, the post will be integrated in the “Make (it) in India”-archive. I will also share it in my network (incl. 2K+ followers on XING and LinkedIn).

If you find the initiative significant, please feel free to share the information in your respective network and/or get in touch with me: andra[at]

We are inviting interested companies to take the opportunity to introduce their company profile(s), core competencies and the Key Executive(s) to a relevant and rapidly growing audience.

The Package for 130/- Euros (approx. Rs. 9,900) consists of:

  1. Company name, city, state
  2. Management: Portrait of the advertising company’s Key Executive, i.e. picture plus short introductory text
  3. Founding year and number of employees
  4. Company slogan
  5. A short description of the respective enterprise. A teaser ad (approx. 50–60 words) will be linked to a dedicated page where the company is introduced in detail, please refer to “6. Detailed description”
  6. Detailed description (approx. 300–500 words), address, URL, plus two photographs and company logo, which can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  7. Statement on why German companies should work with the advertising company (approx. 50–60 words). One can, for example, refer to experience in the German market, mention certifications or talk about the export rate in general

Deadline for signing up: October 13th, 2015

Learn more: Manufacture in India – Deadline 13/10/15

Official Order Form: Official Order Form for Company Profile ANDRA (please note: tax number is only needed for invoicing)

30/10/2015: Link to the article