Hire me on Upwork

You are interested in my services, but you feel uneasy about working with somebody you haven’t met before? Who’s also located thousands of kilometres / miles away from your place? Then maybe we could get started using Upwork.

Upwork: The advantage for you

You can pay by credit card, and the funds are ‘parked’ in Escrow until the work / respective milestone is completed.

Using Upwork: The other side of the coin

Please note that 20% commission are deducted by the provider, an amount that I would have to include in / add to my proposal.

Upwork: How to proceed

If you like to hire me using Upwork using Escrow, please click > here < to get in touch.

Here is some feedback I have received for my work

Andra has contacted the assigned project in an amazing way. I am very impressed and surprised about the high quality as well as the speed.

Clearly the best research work I have ever witnessed here at elance [Andra: now Upwork]. Quick. Great results. Perfect English. Excellent communication. Far above anyone else that I have hired for research work. Will for sure use again.

Frau Riemhofer war professionell in Ihrer Kommunikation und ebenfalls im Bezug auf das finale Resultat. Sie macht die Arbeit mit Ihr sehr einfach durch Ihren perfekten Workflow bzw. sehr organisierten Prozess und ist promt in der Bearbeitung. Termine werden ohne wenn und aber eingehalten und obwohl Frau Riemhofer die teuerste Freelancerin in den Angeboten war, freue ich mich, dass ich mit Ihr an meinem Projekt arbeiten konnte. Jeder Cent war es mehr als wert! Ich empfehle Frau Riemhofer auf jeden Fall und ohne jede Frage!

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