Good bye Angela Merkel

“Merkel’s punk pick for leaving ceremony raises eyebrows. Outgoing German chancellor’s choice of soundtrack for military tattoo hints at uncharted hinterland”, the Guardian commented on last week’s (2nd December 2021) ceremony of Merkel’s saying good bye to the Bundeswehr.

“Angela Merkel has left Germans wondering how well they really know the chancellor who has governed them for 16 years, after picking a song by the punk rocker Nina Hagen as the soundtrack for her military leaving ceremony.”

Merkel, whose Social Democrat successor, Olaf Scholz – who by the way oddly resembles my comic character Herr Dr. Müller – is expected to be sworn in as chancellor next week, has been given a customary military farewell in the courtyard outside the defense ministry on Thursday evening.

Merkel could pick three songs the military band would play. One was a church song, the second one “Für mich soll’s rose Rosen regnen” by Hildegard Knef is one of my favorite songs, and the third one totally came as a surprise to many people: “Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen” by punk singer Nina Hagen.

Thank you, Frau Merkel, for your service to our country and for introducing this Ohrwurm (catchy tune) from former GDR to (many of) us :-) Totally love it.