Your Benefit

Low initial Investment

ANDRA’s business partners benefit from the possibility of being able to quickly identify and approach contacts in the target market without any special initial investments (e.g. establishing representation or sending/permanently hiring their own employees).


Depending on the resonance of the products and services presented, the companies are able to engage ANDRA over longer periods of time (e.g. to expand a network of service providers and arbiters), or to quickly withdraw from less promising segments without loss.

Adequate, direct Customer Approach

ANDRA is fluent in the national language and is familiar with the general business culture in the target market (Germany). She is able to quickly and confidently learn about the specific details of the target industries.

Adequate Communication with the Client

ANDRA is fluent in the English language and understands the cultural specificity of communicative styles and strategies. She takes into consideration that the client does not necessarily represent the same standards or values that are highly relevant in the target market. She can inform the client of these differences. This minimises frustration for the client, and they are given assistance in conveying their objectives and ideas in an understandable manner.


ANDRA possesses pedagogical knowledge and experience in intercultural coaching. In her role as facilitator she provides the employees of the client general and specific cultural knowledge.

Upon request a training session (e.g. leading up to a convention or trade show) can be incorporated into the assignment. ANDRA is principally open to approaching a long-term relationship (as representative) with the client.

There are many benefits for domestic companies (the target customers) as well:

Filtering the Offer

The target customer is assured that the foreign company’s offer is relevant to them (prior research).

Adequate Approach

The target customer can communicate in German and use the support provided by ANDRA as “translator” (in the sense of interpreter or mediator) during meetings with the client (primary interest: smooth communication between the client and target customer).

The connection between strategic sales and intercultural awareness differentiates ANDRA’s service spectrum of such offers, which generally either focus on coaching/consultation/training, or solely contain the sale of products and services.

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