Profile and Qualification


ANDRA possesses business management training as Certified Publishing Professional (Verlagskauffrau (IHK)), a Degree in Business Administration (Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH)), Major: Logistics) and a total of more than 20 years of career experience in the fields of publishing, electronic components distribution and corporate training. The focus of her work has been acquisition and sales. She also possesses insight and experience in the fields of purchasing and project management. Parallel to her career ANDRA was studying for her Master’s in Intercultural Communication and Cooperation, and received her degree (M.A.) in 2014.


ANDRA’s aptitude lies in the structured analysis of market potentials and customer needs, as well as individual customer approaches and sales. She swiftly incorporates herself into the most various fields and topics, quickly creates a good atmosphere for conversation and communicates within various corporate cultures, hierarchical levels and functions, both convincingly and on equal footing.

The knowledge of international business relations and intercultural characteristics in communication, presentation and negotiation that she has acquired throughout her extra-occupational studies over the last two years–reflected by her experience in international sales–allows her to pragmatically and competently support international companies in entering the market. For instance, while working with her last client–an international eLearning provider–she successfully supported the American team in forming partnerships with German publishers. The learned and tested theories and models acquired in her studies allow her to become quickly acquainted with the most varied of national cultures. ANDRA is especially familiar with the market of India, both from personal and professional experience.

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