Business Idea

Starting Point

Since the mid-’90s, international trade has been undergoing rapid growth in the flow of goods and services. Active foreign trade is not only mandatory for nations, but is also crucial to the survival of the companies involved in competition. The takeover of new markets entails manifold challenges to companies. Along with market uncertainties (e.g. of a political, labour law-related and structural nature), fluctuations in currency rates and potential residual trade restrictions, the lack of knowledge of the culture and target market are often prerequisites for a failed market entry.

Central Idea

ANDRA understands herself to be a mediator between international companies who would like to take over or expand the German market and their target customers. Depending on the respective starting point, she analyses the German market for potential customers, approaches them at the behest of the international enterprise, introduces the range of products or services during a personal conversation and/or agrees on such visits for the company.

During business trips or conventions she accompanies the employees of the foreign company to customer meetings in order to ensure successful communication as the intercultural mediator, and to resolve any culture-based uncertainties.

Optionally she can prepare the employees of the international company to communicate with business partners in Germany via general and specific cultural training sessions.

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