ANDRA’s Portfolio

The objective and purpose of the enterprise is to ease international companies’ access to the German market. To this end ANDRA is available to the client as agent (classical acquisition) and mediator (in intercultural matters). Due to a lack of market and language skills, coupled with logistic demands (travel expenses, time delays, etc.), a foreign company may not fully realise its potential without guidance. The offered support begins with researching potential clients and contacts, continues through targeted, personal direct approaches and results in a “reasonable” visit and travel plan for the visiting international company.

Cultural differences regularly cause the following problems

Non-adherence to allotted deadlines and project plans, slow or a lack of transfer of knowledge, frictional losses when forming a relationship, redundancies (e.g. unnecessary extra work), additional expenses and/or loss of profits, etc. resulting in frustration for almost everybody involved in the process.

The offer ANDRA has developed from the aforementioned challenges will be illustrated below.

Type and Extent of the Offer

The offer components, which illustrate a typical sales cycle (from research to finalising business), are presented below.

The offer is to be viewed as modular, i.e. depending on the starting situation and objective the services build on top of each other or are to be reserved separately.

Research & Prospecting

Researching your potential market plus relevant decision makers (preferred industries: Electronics and Engineering, Industrial Automation, Green Technologies, Consulting and Publishing). Development of a sales strategy and helping you to adapt your sales collaterals according to local preferences.

Cold Calling and Follow-up

Approaching customers over the phone, email or social media platforms to introduce your company, products and services, plus enquire about general interest and/or pilot projects. Arranging for meetings in case you intend to travel to Germany and/or participate in or attend a trade show. Follow-up.

Face2Face Meetings

Personally visiting the target customers with a company presentation and/or introduction of the product.

Business Meeting & Negotiation Support

Sitting at the table with you and the potential German client in order to support the smoothest possible intercultural communication.

Intercultural Training & Consulting

(Web- or F2F-Coaching): Preparing you for general and specific cultural communication challenges, and helping you to develop self-management strategies in order to successfully deal with difficult situations.

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