ANDRA’s Clients

Target Group (B2B)

The target group consists of small and mid-sized companies entering the German market from a non-German country, or which would like to expand such for themselves. These companies are seeking large customers (e.g. retailers) or are striving toward mid- to long-term partnerships (including project assignments). Based on her experience, her language skills, and her existing contacts, ANDRA will initially focus on companies from the USA, UK and India. During the founding and expansion phase, companies from the fields of electronics and engineering, publishing and publishing services, and advanced training are approached above all others.

Market Potential

In the ranking of Germany’s most profitable trade partners (import), the USA sits at 4th place, the United Kingdom at 6th and India at 25th. ANDRA sees the greatest potential for the acquisition of new customers in India. The USA and UK (e.g. during conventions) will also be approached, yet the primary focus will be placed on India.

After China and Japan, India is the world’s largest economic power and took 2nd place in the region in terms of economic growth (GDP) according to figures from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) with a rate of 6.5% in 2011/2012. Growth of 5.4% for 2013 is predicted, along with 6.2% for 2014.

Foreign trade continues to gain significance, not least of all thanks to corresponding initiatives from the Indian government, and both exports and imports to and from India are re-entering the two-digit percent range after a slump in 2010.

Small and mid-sized companies play a large role in India, partially due to a marked entrepreneurial spirit.

The Small & Medium Business Development Chamber of India summarises the challenges facing the segment as follows (emphasis placed by ANDRA):

Despite its commendable contribution to the Nation’s economy, SME Sector does not get the required support from the concerned Government Departments, Banks, Financial Institutions and Corporate, which is a handicap in becoming more competitive in the National and International Markets. SMEs faces a number of problems – absence of adequate and timely banking finance, limited capital and knowledge, non-availability of suitable technology, low production capacity, ineffective marketing strategy, identification of new markets, constraints on modernisation & expansions, non availability of highly skilled labour at affordable cost, followup with various government agencies to resolve problems etc.

This is exactly where ANDRA’s service guarantee applies: Pragmatically supporting companies hoping to expand in promptly identifying and recognising their opportunities in a rapidly growing, highly competitive market.

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