Books – German passion by Andra Riemhofer

Book recommendation Doing Business in Germany by Andra Riemhofer

(Again) quoting from an article published by Deutsche Welle: “Germans aren’t very big on showing off, except when it comes to their books. Inside nearly every German home you’ll find a shelf – often reaching from floor to ceiling – filled with books, whether classics written by German philosophers or coffee table books on the latest architectural trends. A visitor will never know how many of them their owner has actually read – but at least they can be seen.” In my book Doing Business in Germany: A Concise Guide to Understanding Germans and Their Business Practices I also comment on that habit and – for the rare occasion of being invited to a German home – advise my readers to “compliment your hosts for their good taste in furniture and home decor, show interest in the books that are displayed on the shelf (but “please don’t touch!”), and tell them how much you like the food; but be careful with complimenting the lady of the house for anything that (for you) might be typically “women’s business”.