Xenophobe’s® guide to the GERMANS

written by Stefan Zeidenitz and Ben Barkow:

For a German, doubt and anxiety expand and ramify the more you ponder them. They are astonished that things haven’t gone to pot already, and are pretty certain that they soon will.

For Germans: If you are busy with navel-gazing and worrying about the future, you might still find the time to grab that book, read through just 85 small-format pages and have a great relieving laugh. Also you might better understand what pain we must be causing foreigners who have to deal with us. At some € 6 it is quite affordable and maybe you can inherit it to your children and/or even deduct expenses from tax. If you are doing business internationally… Ordnung muss sein!

Andra: “Typisch Deutsch?!”

For our international guests: Finally you will understand that we deeply believe “that everything needs sorting” before we can achieve anything (that might drive you crazy if you are more pragmatic and down-to-earth) and that things just have to be perfect (by our definition!), or we would not appreciate the result. Go online, purchase the book, download it, and if it is not available in your country for any reason, and if you ask nicely, maybe I even share my copy with you.

It is Angst that is responsible for their desire that everything be regulated, controlled, checked, checked again, supervised, insured, examined, documented. Secretly, they believe it takes a superior intelligence to realize just how dangerous life really is.

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