IIOT and AI help us unlock new Energy Cost Saving Opportunities

FactoryEnergy Management 4.0

I am happy and proud to assist the French based cleantech METRON expand their network and client base in Germany, Austria and (German speaking) Switzerland. METRON is specialized in improving energy efficiency and operating performance while reducing (your) energy costs and (our) carbon footprint. The global game-changer has developed a new industry 4.0 approach to energy management and strategy and provides a sophisticated but easy to implement platform solution for Energy Management 4.0. The platform, METRON-EVA® for Energy Virtual Assistant, combines AI and Machine Learning-based technology with digitized human expertise.

Let me put you in touch with METRON

If your plant is located in Germany, Austria or (German speaking) Switzerland, and your annual energy bill sums up to 1 million Euros or more, please contact me. Let us talk about how the solution has helped other businesses reduce their expenses for electricity, steam, gas etcetera, and if you like, I can put you in touch with the right people at METRON. Just give me a call (+49 89 46 22 42 54), ping me on LinkedIn, or send your message to metron@andra-ibf.de.


Founded in 2013 in Paris, METRON counts more than 120 collaborators worldwide. Key players from the Energy sector have also recognized METRON as a global game-changer: ranked in the 2020 “Cleantech 100” (San Francisco) and awarded by Bloomberg NEF (New-York) in 2019 among others. The METRON-EVA factory solution is also certified “Solar Impulse Efficient” Solution for the World.


Logo Andra RiemhoferAndra Riemhofer is a Munich based business consultant helping international companies conquer the German market. The main industries served are electronics, automation, engineering, IT; tools, equipment, and materials for building and construction, as well as publishing and higher education. Andra has written and published several books on international business development and is a ANDRA METRON BUSINESS PARTNERguest lecturer for cross-cultural leadership and logistics and materials management at two private universities. Since October 2020 she represents METRON in Germany as a METRON Business Partner.