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I remember my first job interview in English. That was in 2003 with a company from the U.S. Some lady from the HR department did the first round with me and gave me a phone call. I first was super nervous because of my (lacking) English language proficiency, but since she told me I was doing great (back then I did not know that everybody is always doing a great job in the U.S.), I got more talkative.

I cannot recall what it was, I wanted to express my disapproval for, but I could clearly sense her irritation, when I was talking about “xyz and such crap”. Honestly, I had had no idea that I had this word in my vocabulary, I did not know where this did come from, and what it meant. I had to look up the term in my 5 pounds dictionary after she hung the phone. OMG! I was so embarrassed.

Most probably, I have picked up the term in a movie or so. 2003 was the time when you could order DVDs for rent on Lovefilm and similar services.

Well, today it’s quite easy to pick up all kinds of terms, including slang or a particular accent. Native speakers, please bear with us :-)

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