Life is a Roller Coaster: The Expat Family in Mumbai

Successful in Mumbai for Expats
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A small fan base has been looking forward to it for quite some time, and finally the wait is over!

Ralf Breidenstein, the Swabian Business Engineer and fictional hero of our book series Erfolgreich als Expat in … (Success for an Expat in …) has decided to take up yet another assignment in India. This time he and his young family are heading towards Mumbai, where he is to take care of the marketing and internationalization of a conference- and event planning agency – and where he again faces numerous (inter-)cultural challenges:

Will Breidenstein finally take a liking towards his new colleagues Matthew and Ravi, and how can he possibly manage to form a functioning sales team? Why does the father of Breidenstein’s assistant Mamta dislike Irfaan, the colleague and admirer of his daughter? Is it always a good idea to call the police for help in risky situations? How does lovely Pooja from Pune affect Breidenstein’s heart condition – and not to forget the family: How are Sandra and Philipp Breidenstein faring, for whom India is a whole new experience?

INDIEN HEUTE reviewed Volume 1 Järvenpää/Riemhofer, Erfolgreich als Expat in … Delhi (140 pages) as: “An informative, well-paced and sometimes even amusing read”.

Järvenpää Riemhofer Erfolgreich als Expat in Mumbai Kapitel 6
Chapter 6: Gemeinsame Pläne (Illustrations: Abhimanyu Rana)

In Volume 2 Erfolgreich als Expat in … Mumbai, the reader (again) experiences the life of a fictitious expat couple and sees the world through their eyes: In the narrative parts of the book, the specific challenges for an executive and the accompanying family are described. We explain ‘typical German behavior strategies’ and reflect upon the differences as compared to the (again ‘typical’) mindset of an Indian person in general (or a Mumbaikar in particular). Although readers will get a few tips on how to communicate more effectively, my co-author and I are not offering “Ten-Do’s-and-Don’ts”. Instead, the analytical explanations will be complemented by Indian and expat testimonials. The latter will offer alternative readings based on their cultural and individual experience.

For all those who like to first dip into a book on Amazon before they order their copy with the book sellers they trust, or prefer the eBook-format, please refer to (Preview “Blick ins Buch” available soon). If you are in Mumbai or somewhere else outside Germany… the publisher Tectum also offers worldwide free of charge delivery: Nomos Webshop .

We hope you enjoy the book!

Many thanks to all of you who shared their feedback on the first volume about Delhi and/or contributed to the second volume “Erfolgreich als Expat in … Mumbai“, including Sabine Borhau and Mareike Gill at Tectum Verlag, Marburg. Thank you, Marcus Fornell, for contributing the wonderful cover-image, and last but not least, thank you, Abhimanyu Rana for the great illustrations.