Business Requests from Germany: Sourcing from India

Yesterday, again, I had a meeting with a German Sourcing Manager (Head of Strategic Purchasing) who was seeking my advice:

He has been sourcing parts from China, Taiwan, Vietnam etc. for many years now, and is still very hesitant to have a closer look at India. One reason is – he does not know the country and hence has no idea where and how to start. I told him that I have contact details of about 5,000 Indian companies in various industries, and that I indeed could help him get in touch with relevant suppliers. Still, even for me it is difficult to keep track of my contacts’ portfolios and core competencies.

Therefore, I today would like to remind you of the dedicated service I have established for promoting Indo-German business relationships beginning of this year. Indian companies can enlist themselves starting at Euro 34.95 only (currently approx. Rs. 2,500/-; one time registration fee, no strings attached).

Interested parties (international buyers) can search for categories and use the text search function. When in doubt about a specific supplier, they can always get in touch with me and ask my advice / my experience with the specific contact.

Please log on to Order Form Logo-Profile and make sure to sign up as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding that I cannot consider your offer / recommend you, if you just send an email attaching your company presentation etc.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Geschäftskontakte Indien recherchieren leicht gemacht!

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