My Birthday at GlobalConnect

My father must have been taking the picture. I am not sure who's responsible for the haircut.
At the age of five I learned to read and write. My father must have been taking the picture. Not sure who’s responsible for the haircut.

This year I will be spending my birthday with one of my dearest friends, Martina Maciejewski, at GlobalConnect in Stuttgart. Martina is Founder and Owner of Your success in India, and has invited me to join her and talk about my book Erfolgreich als Expat in … Delhi at the event. You will find us on both days, 26th and 27th of October, at booth number 2A37 in hall C2.

Erfolgreich als Expat in … Delhi has recently been published at Tectum Verlag, Marburg, and is targeting German-speaking expatriates. It is also a great reference for International Management students and businessmen who like to learn more about North India, respectively the business and work culture.

Herausforderungen für den Expat in Delhi, Nord Indien
The publisher offers free of charge shipment–even internationally. Click on the cover-image to access their webshop.

More editions are to follow. My co-author Dr. Silke Järvenpää from Munich University of Applied Sciences and I are currently working on Volume 2, Mumbai (to be published June 2017).

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