Fresh from the Printing Press: Successful in… Delhi

For Expats: Successful in… Delhi

Silke Järvenpää/Andra Riemhofer, Erfolgreich als Expat in… Delhi, Tectum Verlag, Marburg, 2016.
Chapter 1: Was den Expat bei der Ankunft erwartet (Illustrations: Abhimanyu Rana)

This morning I have received a parcel from my publisher, Tectum Verlag, containing ten copies of Erfolgreich als Expat in… Delhi, the book Dr. Silke Järvenpää and I have been working on for more than a year now. From Amazon you can order your copy from June 13th onwards. However, Tectum Verlag offers to ship the books free-of-charge, no matter where you are (and I guess that might be Delhi…). We are looking forward to your feedback, and maybe you would like to contribute to the next volume about Mumbai/Pune.

Many thanks to all of you who contributed to the first edition. We have received lots of valuable advice and input. The testimonials from both local business people and German expats make the book very special. Thank you Puneet Jain, for hunting for the perfect cover picture, and last but not least, thank you Abhimanyu Rana for the great illustrations.

Silke Järvenpää/Andra Riemhofer, Erfolgreich als Expat in… Delhi, Tectum Verlag, Marburg, 2016.

The publisher offers free of charge shipment–even internationally. Click on the cover-image to access their webshop.

German companies are discovering India’s enormous market potential. At the same time the country is a difficult terrain for joint ventures, cooperation, or investment.  Having taken the first hurdles, the expatriate manager faces challenges that can only be mastered with profound know-how of the host culture.

This is where cross-cultural communication literature and training manuals come in. Frequently, however, they fail to take into account regional difference – particularly when covering large economic areas. The authors of this book intend to close the gap. The first volume of their series of books on how to be “Successful in…” centres around Delhi, although it also offers insight into all-India issues.  Readers will share the experience of a fictional German expat in the capital region in form of a narrative. A second voice will offer explanations of typical situations and cultural encounters; it will dissect expat behaviour and show how it may differ from mentalities and behaviours in Delhi. Although readers will get a few tips on how to communicate more effectively, the authors of this book are not offering “Ten-Do’s-and-Don’t’s”. Instead, the analytical explanations will be complemented by Indian and expat testimonials. The latter will offer alternative readings based on their cultural and individual experience.

In brief: “Successful in…” is an entertaining introduction to expat life in India today.

Language: German

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