Manufacture in India – The Faces behind

If I asked ten of my friends and business acquaintances in India whether they knew what MADE IN GERMANY stands for, I think all of them would clearly relate it with high quality standards and sophisticated engineering.

Manufacture in India - the Faces behind : Andra Riemhofer
MAKE IN INDIA at Hannover Messe 2015

A few weeks ago, when I asked some of my friends and business acquaintances in Germany whether they knew what MAKE IN INDIA stands for, eight of them told me that they had never heard of it. Only two of them mentioned that they might have come across the slogan in the context of Hannover Messe 2015, where the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself introduced the initiative to the German (or rather an international) audience.

Even I would not be able to explain all the details of this ambitious endeavour that is designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure. Basically, what I understand as a foreigner is that the Indian Government is trying to make the life of investors and entrepreneurs easier. Also, the initiative puts Indian manufacturers and other Indian businesses in international limelight.

Manufacture in India - the Faces behind : Andra Riemhofer
My souvenir from Hannover Messe 2015

But which are the companies and who are the business people we are talking about? Whom can we expect to meet when we venture out to India to purchase products, to contemplate manufacturing provided as a service, or to set up a factory? And – last but not the least – why consider doing business in India at all? We all know that India is one of the fastest growing markets and we can expect the cost of production to be lower compared to our country. Are these facts motivating enough for us to try to connect with potential business partners? Would a fancy slogan with an impressive lion make the German manager or owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise confident enough to give it a try? I don’t think so. It surely helps, but it is not enough.

When we decide to do business, it is all about the people we know, the men and women we trust and like to develop ideas with. Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to a small group of Indian entrepreneurs. Some I had the pleasure to meet during their visits to Germany, some of them I recently came to know when researching on MAKE IN INDIA – because there has never been a better time…

Mr. Madhav R Badsheshi - DGM- Business Development
Mr. Madhav R Badsheshi
(Private Photograph)

In April 2015, I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Madhav R Badsheshi, Deputy General Manager, Business Development, Electronic Relays India Pvt Ltd. from Bangalore. ERI started manufacturing Solid State Relays in 1979 – for them the Solid State Relay is A Switch for the Better. ERI began its journey by exporting a major part of its production to the USA. Subsequently it expanded activities to cater to the huge demand in the domestic market too. According to Mr. Badsheshi, the customers today are highly satisfied and appreciative of ERI’s commitment with Quality and professionalism. Like Germans, ERI is committed to high value addition at very reasonable costs. They have bagged 17 Export awards in India. The conversation I had with Mr. Badsheshi during Hannover Messe was definitely encouraging, and I hope to see him again when I visit Bangalore in December. Learn more about Electronic Relays India Pvt Ltd. …

MD- Mr.B.R.Mohan BNR Exports India
MD.- Mr.B.R.Mohan
(Private Photograph)

Also hailing from Bangalore is Mr. B.R. Mohan, Managing Director of BNR Exports. BNR Exports is an AS 9100 C & ISO 9001:2008 certified Manufacturer of Precision Machined and Turned Components. BNR’s forte is Precision turning, Machining, Machined Ferrous & Non-Ferrous casting, Jigs, Fixtures & Special purpose Machines. Mr. B.R. Mohan and his team provide single source supply right from component level to Sub-Assemblies for Automotive, Aerospace, Pumps and Valves industry. Their tag line Precision Engineering and Beyond is known to customers in Europe – including Germany, USA and Australia. With more than 60 years of experience, their top priorities are on-time delivery and quality. Learn more about BNR Exports…

Mr. T.T.Pahuja (Managing Director)
Mr. T.T.Pahuja
(Private Photograph)

According to its Managing Director Mr. T.T. Pahuja, the ISO 9001-2008 certified company Tusar Fabengineers Pvt. Ltd. has been offering quality fabricated metal products and innovative production processes since its inception in 1992. Their manufacturing plants are located in Pune, which is one of the most advanced industrial cities of India. Pune is located at about 150 kilometres from Mumbai, and therefore also very close to the International seaport. Mr. T.T. Pahuja sees the advantages of the already existing infrastructure and emphasizes on sound business fundamentals. Their high export rate (about 70% to Europe) is reflected in their tag line – Supply Steel Fabrication services globally. For German companies, they can also offer an easy entry to the growing Indian market, wherein they see the opportunity for fast growth for both. Learn more about Tusar Fabengineers Pvt. Ltd. …

Raminder Soin, Chairman & Managing Director (Private Photograph)
Raminder Soin
(Private Photograph)

Mr. Raminder Soin, Chairman & Managing Director of Resolute Electronics Pvt. Ltd., has a clear vision when it comes to MAKE IN INDIA: “Make In India, Make at Resolute”. Mr. Soin emphasizes that Resolute is an industry leader in the EMS space in India. From their facility in Hyderabad, they offer end-to-end solutions to global OEMs backed by a global DNA. The state-of-the-art facility offers over 70,000 sq. ft. space (about 6,500 sq. m.). When asked why German companies should work with Resolute, Soin states: “We are an Indian company with a Global DNA. We employ global systems and processes in our functioning. Our operational philosophy is based on the principles of Lean, Six Sigma & Kaizen. With SAP as our IT backbone and a 24×7 KPI and CFT culture, we build transparency and accountability into the system.” Resolute is clearly aligned with the Government of India’s vision of Make-in-India and aim to be a ‘MAKE-IN-INDIA Champion’ in EMS by 2020. Learn more about Resolute Electronics Pvt. Ltd. …

Mr. Vivek Khanna (Managing Director)
Mr. Vivek Khanna, MD
(Private Photograph)

About 600 kilometres down South we can meet a slightly younger company with big dreams: Mr. Vivek Khanna represents M/s. INDIC EMS ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. Mr. Khanna is the Managing Director of an Indo-Spanish Joint-Venture company having electronics manufacturing setup in Bangalore. INDIC since 2007 provides complete turnkey as well as job-work solutions to their customers. According to the MD, their core competency lies in providing full integration of electronic products. “Ranging from small to mid to large infrastructure and capital equipment, and in tasks from acquisition of raw material and electrical components to distribution, INDIC EMS Electronics successfully meets all EMS needs across global markets.” In short: INDIC…Your One Stop Solution for your EMS needs. Learn more about M/s. INDIC EMS ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. …

Hashim TK Bluewave Infotech Chennai
Hashim TK
(Private Photograph)

Mr. Hashim TK, Co-Founder of Bluewave Infotech, set up his company in Chennai in 2008. With an experience of more than 20 years in the Electronics Industry, Hashim and his colleagues are passionate about innovation. When asked about their company profile, Hashim states: “Our team has extensive experience in embedded systems design, Application software development, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, certification and all aspects of product development. We have an excellent track record in providing design services for onshore and offshore customers with high level of consistency and flexibility.” They also have a strong factory team with experience in Procurement, Manufacturing, Testing, Quality control and Packaging as well as an extensive network of fabricators for sourcing enclosures and other mechanical parts. Hashim’s tag line is Invented to Innovate, and he recommends that the German manufacturers of machinery and auto equipment as well as other manufacturers could utilize their design services for designing/upgrading their electronic, monitoring, control and computing devices. Also German manufacturers can outsource manufacturing/marketing services for lowering cost and for entering the Indian market. Learn more about Bluewave Infotech…

Jochen Mueller (Private Photograph)
Jochen Mueller
(Private Photograph)

Back in Bangalore, we can meet Mr. Jochen Mueller, General Manager of Dr. Wiesner Test & Automation Pvt Ltd. Their tag line is simple and to the point: German Engineering Made in India. Dr. Wiesner Test & Automation Pvt Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the leading German names in test and automation technologies, Dr. Wiesner Steuerungstechnik. The company in Germany is based in the industrial hub of Stuttgart and has been in the market for over five decades. Their Indian subsidiary was established in 2011. Mr. Jochen Mueller says, “We are in India with our complete range of products, services, and of course German experience, strategically situated in India’s Machine tool hub, Bangalore. With our Indian operation, we focus to provide truly world class products with a top class service backup, of course at Indian cost.” With State of the Art Manufacturing Facility and a strong committed team, Wiesner’s focus is to provide truly world-class solutions for Assembly automation, Testing machines, Jigs and Fixture with top- class Service. Learn more about Dr. Wiesner Test & Automation Pvt Ltd. …

(Private Photograph)

Mr. Aditya Gogate, Executive Director of GOGATE ELECTROSYSTEMS (NASIK) PVT LTD. was introduced to me by a mutual acquaintance at Neu-Ulm, Germany in September. Aditya had participated in this year’s Fit for partnership with Germany program, organized by IHK für München und Oberbayern, financed and managed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the GIZ. Gogate Electrosystems is a manufacturer and supplier of various Electronic and Electrical Products. “Products include Low and Medium Voltage Electrical Distribution, Non-Conventional Energy (Solar), Laboratory Equipment, Automobile Electronics, Power Conditioning, as well as thousands of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial users”, Aditya explained to me. Gogate Electrosystems is a family owned and managed business with 80 employees, including a team of professionals which handles the operations. The company with a turnover of about 2.5 million Euro – with approximately 40% year-on-year growth for past few years is well prepared to serve the German market: Top MNCs like Schneider Electric, ABB, Toshiba, Crompton Greaves, L&T are amongst their valued customers. Gogate Electrosystems builds on QUALITY. COMMITMENT. TRUST. Learn more about GOGATE ELECTROSYSTEMS (NASIK) PVT LTD. …

Vineet Majgaonkar Armstrong Machine Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Vineet Majgaonkar
(Private Photograph)

Also Fit for partnership with Germany is Armstrong Machine Builders Pvt. Ltd., Pune. At the above event I met the Chairman Mr. Vineet Majgaonkar’s brother Pranav Majgaonkar. They started the business together in 2001. Armstrong’s array of New Generation Handling Solutions benefit their customers with Quick Turnarounds, Space & Movement Optimization, Manpower Reduction, Error free flows, Low Maintenance, ERP Handshake & MIS Reports leading to high Accountability. In India, they build turnkey solutions for Food & Non Food FMCGs from Robotic Carton Packing till ASRS by integrating equipment with WMS & ERP. Retail & E-commerce order fulfilment solutions with order picking, cross docking, sorting & lorry loading are provided. Armstrong has a global supply of CE & UL compliant conveying modules for project integration to OEMs. According to Vineet Majgaonkar, whose motto is Lives made easy…, the top reason for German companies to collaborate with Armstrong is that “we provide an excellent opportunity of entering India, the 2nd fastest growing market for your products & solutions”. Learn more about Armstrong Machine Builders Pvt. Ltd. …

Mr. Chetan Sawant - Director (Private Photograph)
Mr. Chetan Sawant – Director
(Private Photograph)

Amt… Your search for Manufacturing, Marketing and Sourcing partner ends here, claims Mr. Chetan Sawant, Director of Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd, Nashik. Chetan, an IT engineer and management graduate in HR, underlines his personal commitment to the company: “I see AMT as a strong organization powered by strong determined people who are well complimented by technical expertise handed down from its German partners. Next phase of our journey has just begun and we have lots to achieve!” AMT-Group was formed with an objective of becoming an all-round partner to business houses in Europe and in India. The company is in a continuous mode of innovation and gets its modern technical edge due to its technical tie up with German Companies like Bilz Vibration Technology AG, Maxion and Allmatic. The products manufactured by Amt Group have long functional life, high efficiency and excellent quality which is at par to European Quality standards but yet at a competitive price. Learn more about Machine House (India) Pvt. Ltd

If you ask what MAKE IN INDIA means to me, I would say it is innovation, perseverance, creativity, and pragmatism. Through this initiative, you will get connected to a large number of great individuals and learn a lot from them. I believe that blending our knowledge, sharing our experiences and supporting each other’s ideas will not only help us earn a few more Dollars, Euros or Rupees but it will also take us towards the greater good.

Chalo – let’s get started…

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  1. Nice article , keep it up , but there is other side of it too , expect PM Modi , lots of others in Govt. Dont want to work , On many fronts i found its not easy to work in India , its very hard to open a company with Foreigners , Indian Embassies most of them they work according to their will instead of following rules . Me and my German partner are waiting for Internet Service Providing license from DOT since may 2015 and they want DIGITAL INDIA .

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