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Doing Business in (and around) Delhi

… is a LinkedIn Networking Group I established in March 2015. Currently (July 2015) more than 270 members are registered.

What is it about? There are quite a few books available on the German market about Doing Business in India talking about India as one big entity. My co-author Dr. Silke Järvenpää and I–acknowledging the fact that there is not “one” India but a large subcontinent we (Germans) are trying to get acquainted with–are authoring a series of books about doing business in the various Indian regions.

Buchprojekt Andra Riemhofer und Silke Järvenpää
LinkedIn Group Doing Business in (and around) Delhi

Therefore I would like to connect with business people from both India and Germany who live and work, or have lived and worked, in the National Capital Region (more editions/regions to follow). I am also interested in meeting people who have done business there.

If you are willing to contribute, please let me know where you are hailing from (genuine Dilliwallas are also most welcome, so please feel free to invite more people!) and what in your eyes is special about doing business in and around Delhi:

What does one have to know, to gain, to struggle with and maybe to fall in love with? How is the meeting style different in Delhi compared to Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad or Chennai? What about dress-code? Importance of family (who ones father is…)? Entrepreneurial spirit–how easy is it to start a company? Other formalities like Sir vs. first name etc. Plus other things a foreigner might not even think of.

If you do not like to share on LinkedIn, please feel free to send me an e-mail: andra[at] We will only quote you having your permission.

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